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Devotional life

The Bahá’í writings tell us, “There is nothing sweeter in the world of existence than prayer". Prayer and meditation are seen as two sides of the same coin – a conversation with the Divine. Together, these practices develop spirituality and intention, and allow us to reflect on our nobility and higher purpose. 

Prayer is not about merely reciting a list of personal wishes but a means for drawing nearer to God. It helps us develop a heart that is kind and radiant, and gives us strength to overcome life’s challenges. The daily practice of prayer provides a natural opportunity to meditate on one’s own life and character, to learn how we, in conjunction with the study of Holy Writings, can play a part in the progress of society. And we are told that, “Prayer need not be in words, but rather in thought and action”.


Devotional gatherings, held in homes and at the Bahá’í National Centre, are spaces for people of diverse cultures and beliefs to worship, pray and meditate together. During these gatherings, prayers and readings from the vast collection of Bahá’í writings are shared.  Readings and prayers from other Faiths are also welcomed. For many, these devotional gatherings provide an opportunity for reflection and inspiration. These gatherings are open to all.

To find out about devotional gatherings near you, or for help with setting up your own, please use our Email form on the Contact page to get in touch.

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